Attack on Melonmold Village

The Second Session of Bewbstuck

Brian, being the last in bunch to find his transportalizer, ascended one of the many obsidian towers of the Land of Veins and Resonance. After having fixed the elevator, he and Maxsprite reached the penultimate floor of the tower, where he stumbled upon a firefight between and red-marked and blue-marked pair of dummies. With the assistance of his sprite, Brian managed to distract the red-marked dummy, allowing the blue dummy to kill it and abscond. Further exploration of the floor revealed a card key, which allowed Brian up to the top floor.

On the top floor, Brian found himself in the center of a turf war, as blue and red dummies shot at each other all throughout the floor. He attempted to sneak by but ended up causing a ruckus when he fell over near the door he was sneaking to. In an vain attempt to avoid getting shot, Brian sang a song using his ukelele. Instead of uniting the dummies in song, the blue dummies took advantage of the opportunity and killed all of the red dummies before leaving the building.

With the situation resolved, Brian proceeded through the top floor and found his transportalizer. Finally, all four humans (and their gaggle of cohorts) found themselves together on what appeared to be a space station or satellite orbiting Skaia. A computer came online and revealed itself as an AI operating the station. It identified itself as CORSA, otherwise known as the Cloud-Oriented Regulator and Sentient Agent. It answered questions regarding the purpose of the game, while simultaneously pushing our Heroes to choose a Land to explore. Before doing so, the group received ominous messages from mysterious persons on Pesterchum.

Elysse was confronted by fashionistaVictorious once more, who elaborated on the nature of their interaction. Elysse insisted they be friends and share details of their newly-embarked adventures together.

Bird communicated with jealousNecroticist, a hostile and foul-mouthed individual. They had no real desire to help Bird but felt their hand was forced. Bird reacted coolly to the insults, and the two parted with a faint promise to speak together again.

Will dealt with flushedHolograms, a jovial and rather dorky character, who proceeded to share their love for adventure and making holographic art. Barely allowing Will to get a word in, flushedHolograms informed Will that they were meant to share information together and be partners across sessions. Will easily agreed to this proposal.

Finally, Brian interacted with a seemingly even-tempered individual named aetherCastrated. They communicated information suggesting that they and the other mysterious people were aliens. They also communicated their intention to partner with Brian and share in game information.

All of the mysterious people spoke cautiously of the fact that our Heroes were already together tackling their Lands as a team. They also spoke of ‘benefactors’ that were helping them….

Our Heroes chose to journey through the Land of Tides and Radiation. They walked for a while before coming across a village in trouble. Coming up to it, they soon found a Consort Village under attack by Imps! The group dispatched the foes quickly, and communed with the elder of Melonmold Village, an Iguana named Babblewort. Babblewort thanked the group for their help but bemoaned the fact that the source of the Underlings needed to be destroyed. Enlisting the Heroes, Babblewort asked that the Melonmold Crypt be investigated, as it was pinpointed as the source of the attacks.

Along with a guide named Sloop, the group traveled north to the Drowned Canyon, the home of the Crypt. Climbing and crossing the canyon, the group put their skills to the test making their way through the treacherous environment. Finally, everyone reached the entrance of the Crypt, a large door with a mighty face on it. As soon as they approached the door, it came to life, speaking jovially to the party. Below the face was carved the words “the password is arid”.

After a lengthy and confusing conversation, it was revealed that the way to make the door open was to make it say the word ‘arid’. It soon swung open, and as the party entered the atrium behind it, they were locked in and attacked by several Imps and one mighty Ogre! An epic fight proceeded, with a great deal of teamwork and bravery taking the day back from the Underling menace. Even Sloop, a young and eager Iguana, managed to dispatch an Imp on his own!

Now the party prepares to penetrate into the heart of the Crypt, to find the source of the Underling evil permeating from it! Will they find what they’re looking for? Or will they join the corpses held within? Find out next time, on Bewbstuck!



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