Brian's Dead

The Eleventh Session of Bewbstuck

After the successful acquisition of the Treasure (known as the Unity Apparatus) from the Library and the unexpected capture of Jack Noir, the team returned stealthily by boat back to the ship, depositing the prisoner in the brig alongside Belligerent Mediary. While resting and recovering, Brian took it upon himself to interrogate Jack. However, his actions were unstable, and he began threatening and using his psychic powers to extract answers from the Dersite. Jack as unfazed, although rather surprised by the sudden change in behavior from the formerly easy-going Page of Blood. What little he revealed was nonetheless shocking: Jack claimed that the team’s Guardians had been captured for some time, and were kept imprisoned within a maximum security prison on Derse.

This information was revealed just as reports about the siege breaking around Prospit in Derse’s favor were coming in. Split between what to do, the group eventually were in favor of infiltrating Derse and freeing their parents, hoping that during the attempt they could also deal a blow to Derse and slow the war effort. They set off with Belligerent Mediary, who offered her services to the group so that she might tarnish and destroy Jack Noir’s reputation and ascend the ranks of the Agents that much faster. They set off in BM’s fighter and the Derse fighter stolen by the Derse Dreamers, heading straight for Derse while the Prospitian battleship kept its distance.

The team disguised themselves adeptly as Derse Special Forces, and landed at the foot of the prison. Using BM’s access codes and authority as a high-level Agent, they were able to avoid detection and enter as an inspection team. The group explored the first floor of the prison, while BM occupied the administration staff. They found several areas of the prison, including the break room, the cell block, and the guard’s office, where they gained first-floor access and RFID tags to protect them from the automated turrets in the area.

The group eventually came across the armory, and while examining the room for open lockers and loose weapons, they came across a strange, ornate box that was bolted to the floor. When the team interacted with the box, they were shocked to find it speak to them in a jovial and sinister manner before a holographic face was projected outwards. The box introduced itself as a Box of Many Things, and offered to play a game with the group. The rules were simple: The box offered powerful cards that could be drawn at random. The consequences of the cards could vary from very positive to very negative, and would affect the player immediately. The player could draw either one card or three cards, but once they started drawing, they could not stop. Once a player had drawn all of the cards they had chosen, they could never draw again and the Box would never acknowledge them afterwards.

Bird began drawing first, and opted for three cards. She first drew The Moon, which granted her a weak Alchemy Item appropriate to her. Next, she drew The Lovers, which resulted in a random Companion to her and the group growing bitter and resentful of her. She had no clue who it would be and was now anticipating the sudden turn of events. Finally, Bird drew The Hermit, which left her weak to the effects of injuries and influences.

Next, Will drew three cards. He first drew The Hierophant, which resulted in Will losing much of the confidence and experience he had gained over the course of the adventure. Next, Will drew The Magician, and was granted the power to know the solution to any one dilemma he faced, whenever he needed it. After that, he drew The Wheel of Fortune, which resulted in Will regaining his knowledge and experience immediately as though nothing had happened before. Lastly, Will drew The Emperor, and with it he was granted a mighty castle and dominion over the Turtles as their great and just King.

After Will, Elysse was next, also electing to draw three cards. Her first card was The Devil, a dangerous card that placed Elysse’s mind under the influence of dark, far-off forces that would take hold when they so desired. Her streak of bad luck continued after she drew Temperance, which resulted in many of her mundane items being stripped from her Sylladex and cast into the void. After this terrible draw, great fortune disguised as misfortune came about as she drew The Fool, which drained her of her intelligence and forced her to draw another card. With that last card, she drew The World, a powerful card that granted her four wishes. She immediately spent one wish restoring her mind and strengthening it further. Then, with her great power, she wished for the end of the Prospitian-Dersite conflict, and with that, the Royalty of each side put down their arms and began preparations to sign a cease-fire to combat the Spirals.

Finally, Brian drew his cards. During his selection, Brian drew Judgment. This card warped Brian to a floating island in a pocket dimension of combat, where he was to face off against a duplicate of himself, manufactured from magic and completely dedicated to killing him. The two were forced to fight to the death, and if Brian failed to win, he would perish forever.

Brian refused to fight, laying down his arms. He tried to speak to his duplicate to convince it to end the fight, but it calmly explained that he was compelled to fight and that there would be no escape for either of them until someone died.

Refusing to accept this and struggling with the implications of murdering a copy of himself compelled to destroy, Brian opted for a third option.

Brian walked backwards off of the platform, falling into the void and being swallowed up by the darkness.

With no body to kiss and no way to access their friend, Will, Elysse, and Bird were left with no options to save their friend. Brian’s Dream Self faded from existence like his real body, and Brian was lost from the Incipisphere.

The loss of their friend rattled the group. With no means of retrieving him, wracked with grief, the team prepared to continue through the Prison and save their parents. The journey itself was a whirlwind, as the team snuck through the second floor, fought their way through to the elevator leading to the third floor, and worked their way through several deadly traps.

Finally, the now trio arrived at the final prison cell, lit up brightly as though it was welcoming them in.

They stepped in, and saw the four Guardians standing in a line, waiting for their arrival. Behind them was a buzzing alien device, which held inside of it a robotic girl, seemingly asleep.

The Kids were greeted, but soon became aware that something was not right. Something was off.

And then the Guardians began transforming.



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