Drifting Through The Medium

The Seventh Session of Bewbstuck

Lost in the Medium, drifting on the wreck of their ship after managing an escape from LOVAR, the Kids proceeded to attempt to get their bearings and find a way to a safe port. Working with the remnants of the crew, the Kids rebuilt a few components in the process. Will worked on the engines, allowing for one to produce a single burst of power before completely failing. Meanwhile, Bird patched up the hull and Brian managed to provide power to the navigational computer. Improving morale fell to Elysse, who bolstered the spirits of the crew and provided counseling.

After some progress had been made, the Kids came together with Jody to make a decision in regards to destination. With only one engine available, the group had to decide on a location and ride out the slow process of transit. Upon a suggestion of travelling to the mysterious satellite orbiting Skaia, Jody immediately and aggressively shut down the idea, despite it being the closest destination. After some pondering, the group decided on a course towards LOTAR, a two-week trip. With just enough food and water to make it, the group fired the engine, hoping that the gravity of the planet would catch them.

Two week passed. Social order broke down on the ship long enough that random sexual happenings of the group variety became commonplace, and Brian (through various shenanigans) became the expert on Carapacian sexuality and genitalia.

Thankfully, this is a game and we didn’t have to live through two week of this nonsense. ANYWAY. The ship finally arrived at LOTAR, but thanks to a minor miscalculation, it fell into orbit around the planet instead of descending. Using the last of the fuel in the guiding rockets, the group managed to cause a descent. The ship flamed across the sky, finally crash landing in the sea, conveniently near Bird’s house.

Disembarking, the group found themselves arriving at the house to a strange sight: the village they had helped prior (during their travels to Melonmold Crypt) had entirely upped and moved, settling at the house!

Taking this opportunity to sleep, the Brian and Elysse arrived upon their dreamselves. Both in a fit of genius made their way to their sleeping brethren, one by flying and the other by a complicated attempt at breaking into the tower on foot. Once there, both ended up awakening Bird and Will.

The Prospitian pair hustled to the Royal Palace on Prospit, where they arrived and explained the situation to the Queen. She quickly made a promise to dispatch a ship to pick them up and to replace their battered vessel, although cautioned that because of increased Dersite aggression, she could only spare this last vessel.

Now, the group awaits rescue from this new Prospitian vessel before continuing on their journey. Many options await them. Do they search for the treasures mentioned to them by the Queen? Do they seek out more Spirals to learn from them or destroy them? Do they confront Derse? What quests lie ahead? Tune in next time on Bewbstuck!



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