Escape from Spiral Madness

The Sixth Session of Bewbstuck

After having unmasked the murderer at the Promenade, the Kids found themselves confronted by the mysterious Opera Singer, the two forces standing squarely opposed to each other. The Singer’s plan was revealed (rather unfortunately for them considering their RPG blew apart the murderer and the floor) to be to destroy the talks with a bomb. A bomb planted squarely on top of a previously unknown Spiral hiding right under the diplomatic process meant to stamp them out.

The Opera Singer, determined to carry out their mission to destroy the Spirals, engaged in combat with the Kids in an attempt to buy time for the bomb to detonate. As the timer ticked down, the Singer landed several blows against the group, knocking out individuals left and right with mighty blasts. Nevertheless, Will and Brian managed to disarm the bomb with the help of the Prospitian Guard Captain while Elysse and Bird held the Singer at bay.

With the bomb temporarily neutralized, the team finished the fight against the Opera Singer. Bird, in an act of mercy, dealt a nonlethal blow to merely knock out the Singer. Curiousity overtook the group, and in a swift moment the mask of their attacker was removed, revealing….

The Opera Singer was a human! A human girl!

Coming to, and with her secret revealed, the Singer identified herself to Bird. Turning to her friends, Bird and the Singer came clean; they were related. In some strange way, Bird and the Singer were each other’s mother and daughter! The mysterious girl was named Jody Rose, and when questioned explained that she had arrived in this session from her own Sburb session, one inexplicably link to this one by means of a phenomenon called the Scratch. Her friends were stolen from her by alien forces beyond imagination; it was only by the skin of her teeth that Jody had stolen a vessel and by unknown means traveled to their session.

Her mission upon arrival was clear. She would destroy the Spirals that plagued this session as it had hers, all while stopping anyone that got in her way, including the Kids. With the Spirals dispatched, she would use whatever resources were present in this session to free her friends from their kidnapping. When asked why she managed to escape, the only reason Jody could offer was that her friends had reached God-Tier, a mythical power level few manage to achieve in Sburb….

Belligerent Mediary, a party to all of these talks, insisted on taking away Jody to a Dersite prison to be interrogated and put on trial. Not content to allow this to happen, the Kids formed a plan. Brian summoned his loaned Prospitian vessel, instructing it to ram through the walls of the Promenade. Once the walls were breached, the group climbed aboard as BM attempted to stop the escape. As a last ditch effort, the Mediary tossed a grenade into the pit containing the recently defused bomb and made a run for it. The ship barely made it out as a massive explosion obliterated the building.

However, the group hadn’t made it just yet. A pair of Dersite frigates approached, armed to the teeth and bearing down on their vessel. The Kids and Crew headed for battle stations. Brian took the helm along with the Captain, Will made haste towards engineering, Bird took over gunner duty, and Elysse proceeded belowdecks.

The pair of Dersite vessels flanked the ship, blowing holes in the hull. The crew fought valiantly, even as the Captain fell to gunfire. Brian took over piloting, attempting risky maneuvers and ‘punching it’ to escape their foe’s firing range. Will made attempt to improve the engines and give them more power, even as they took continuous damage. Bird blasted away major enemy ship systems, buying the crew time and neutralizing foes. Finally, Elysse discovered a stowaway belowdecks: the Esurient Dilettante! Holding a bomb in her hands and wearing a parachute pack, the Dilettante in her madness tried to cut a deal. If she were allowed to jump offboard, she wouldn’t detonate the bomb.

Elysse didn’t buy this line, and attempt to freeze ED in place with the frozen orb she had collected in Melonmold Crypt. Unfortunately, she missed her throw, sending it sailing through the open airlock. ED cackled and tossed the bomb at Elysse before jumping. In a brave attempt to save the ship, Elysse grabbed the bomb and tossed it at the airlock….

However, the bomb detonated just as it was leaving the ship, blasting a massive hole in the hull and disabling the ship. Thankfully, the Dersite ships that were pursuing them had been destroyed and the ship had escaped LOVAR’s gravitational pull. Nevertheless, the ship itself was wrecked, left drifting through the Medium.

With their vessel ruined and no hope in sight, what will our Kids to next? Find out next time, on Bewbstuck!



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