The Battle of the Belligerent Mediary

The Fourth Session of Bewbstuck

Finally having uncovered the wretched production facility manufacturing the Underlings in Melonmold Crypt, the group proceeded to familiarize themselves with the machines populating the control room of the facility.

The four Heroes manipulated the machines, learning that some machines could be used to improve or diminish the strengths of each Underling, that the Underlings could be programmed to accept orders from certain groups. So what is a group to do? Why, nothing but build their own small army of Underlings!

They initiated the growth of a squad of 8 Underlings, but soon noticed a major problem: An Agent of Derse with a whole team of Ogres and Imps! They proceeded to kill the newly crafted Imps one at a time as they came down the conveyor belt. Setting in the commands for some Ogres, the team went down to the ground floor to settle the score.

A giant battle blew out on the factory floor, with a defensive formation of Underlings pushing into the team’s line. Weapons were swung, blood was spilled, and the Field Agent (named the Belligerent Mediary) brought both Brian and Elysse near to death. While incapacitated, both Elysse and Brian found themselves in strange places; both awoke on Prospit and Derse!

Elysse had an encounter with a young Dersite servant, who pointed Elysse in the direction of the Horrorterrors. Looking out the window into the Void, she conversed with the tentacled creatures, who through meandering riddles, described the unnatural nature of the threats surrounding their Medium. Meanwhile, Brian awoke to a jubilant servant on Prospit, who alerted the White Queen and pointed him in the direction of the clouds of Skaia. There, he experienced visions of grey aliens with horns, of moments from his past on Earth, and of the four Heroes battling on a tremendous structure on the Land of Libraries and Entropy.

At the last second, a mysterious figure named the Opera Singer appeared, wiping out the remaining enemies and scaring off the Mediary. The figure quickly teleported to group out of the Lab, just in time to avoid the tides. Just as mysteriously as they arrived, they left, leaving nothing but a warning to keep out of their way.

Finding themselves back at Melonmold Village, the group received a visitor; a pilot from Prospit named the Audacious Navigator. Bringing news that the Queen had summoned them to an audience with her, the group traveled by Dropship to the Palace. There, she requested them to go on a mission of great importance. That mission was to join a Prospitian delegation in diplomatic talks with Derse. A threat known only as the Spirals was appearing. Massive spirals buried under rock were being uncovered and affecting the realms around them, and a ceasefire was being discussed to give each side time to deal with the threat.

She granted each kid a gift: Elysse received armor and the future location of her true Treasure. Brian was promised the potential of one of the strongest Treasures, instead taking temporary ownership of a hi-speed ship to aid in their quests. Bird received a chest containing her Treasure, which would unleash its parcel once the time was right. Will received the final Treasure, a keyboard Time Machine from his future self. After an awkward interaction, he received the machine and traveled forward in time.

In the future, Will saw a brief and dramatic moment: Massive fleets of ships fighting each other in the depths of space….

What will happen next? How will the peace talks go? Find out next time on Bewbstuck!



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