The Exploration of Melonmold Crypt

The Third Session of Bewbstuck

Went through the dungeon, got to the lab, stopped there.

Our heroes, in their perilous and treacherous task, finally penetrated deep into the heart of the forsaken Melonmold Crypt. They dark and musty walls greeted them in silence. However, they rapidly found themselves to be in the company of some rather aggressive foes!

Immediately upon entry, while turning down a corridor, Bird ran smack dab into an Imp patrol that was guarding the halls of the Crypt. They quickly ran into the nearby guardroom, where they alerted 6 other Imps and began a crippling attack against the wholly unprepared heroes. Nevertheless, with a significant amount of teamwork, the group slaughtered the offending Imps and pushed further.

The party made many discoveries while venturing deeper. They uncovered a chapel with a mysterious stone that later was revealed to be a stone of Resurrection! They also uncovered curious spheres in the Morgue and the Crematorium, one of which emitted a great deal of cold wind and the other of which emitted blasts of hot air. One chamber even contained a neglected Imp, trapped in his cage for being a nuisance. Garf soon joined the party under the wary watch of his new allies.

Loaded with treasures and a desire to uncover the source of the Underlings, the party examined a long-abandoned well for answers. Certain that they would find a secret entrance into the Underling base here, they dropped Brian down into the depths below. Lo and behold, Brian bashed down a wall and revealed an entrance into a hi-tech laboratory!

Journeying down, the rest of the group entered into this strange scientific arena. Researching on the computers covering the area, they learned that the Underlings they had been fighting were produced, nay, born here. Determined to learn more and to put a stop to this dastardly activity, the group ascended into the control room, slew a lone Imp, and then set about accessing the machines.

What will happen next time? Will they succeed and shut down this factory from hell? Find out next time on Bewbstuck!



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