When the DM's Adventure Was Ruined

The Tenth Session of Bewbstuck

Our group finally arrives by Prospitian warship onto the Land of Libraries and Entropy, at the foot of a Turtle village on the shores of a massive lake. Disembarking from the vessel, the party enters the village and is greeted by the local population of Consorts, as well as the Village Elder, a wizened old Turtle named Frumple. During their brief stay, the group is addressed by a young and rather shy Turtle warrior named Gurpie. During their conversations, the kids reveal their quest to seek out a hidden treasure stashed away by a ‘friend’ of theirs (really Future Will). Gurpie informs the party of a massive library in the middle of the lake, and inquires about the treasure contained inside. Brian lies and claims the treasure contained within is the recipe for ‘pizza’, a mythical food from another realm. Excited about the prospects of ‘pizza’ (although concerned about its inclusion of cheese, manufactured from the uncomfortably-sourced mammal milk), Gurpie offers her services as a guide to the island.

Set up with boats and supplies by the friendly Consort villagers, the group proceeds far into the lake. Using the cover of the fragmented timestreams across the surface of the Land, they circle the island from a distance and arrive at an unguarded portion of the island. Using her new Treasure, Elysse astrally projects her soul outward towards the groups of guards protecting the door, using the bulk of the Ogres to smash the remaining guards and send them flying into the ferrofluid lake. The team enters and begins exploring, relying on Elysse’s soul projection powers to explore the rooms around them safely.

During the explorations of the main chamber on the first floor, the group finds puzzles and riddles left behind by Future Will to provide hints as to the location of the Treasure. A whiteboard in the main chamber has a cipher written on it that provides the clue that the Treasure rests on the second floor. Taking this clue in stride, the team exits the library and uses vines along the side of the library to climb up to a blown-out room on the second floor. Splitting up, the team begins exploring the rooms, making full use of Elysse’s astral projection to safely search. However, the doors are discovered to lock and unlock periodically. Over the course of a half hour, the team discovers that the doors lock and unlock over several minutes, with brief windows of opportunity to open the doors.

In one room, Elysse and Brian uncover a safe with a set of clues to open it. They worked to uncover the letters that formed the passcode, eventually settling on the word ‘knife’. With that, the safe exploded, leaving a small message inside with the words “HAA HAA – Jack”. Clearly, the Archagent was within the building and looking to hinder their efforts. With this, Elysse projects her spirit towards the center of the library on the advice of one of Future Will’s clues, and finds Jack Noir there, directing efforts while surrounded by strong guards. Using the same trick as before, Elysse possesses one of the guards and knocks the rest of the group off of the rickety floors down to the ground below, leaving, Jack on his own.

With that, the team bursts into the central room, which is a large Planetarium with a functioning model of the Incipisphere. There, they did battle with a surprised Jack, catching him off guard and handily defeating him, although not without taking a severe beating from him and his poisoned blades. Brian, positioned to deal the finishing blow to a weakened Jack, is confronted by the decision to murder Jack or leave him alive. In this moment, poised between two options, Brian awakens some of his Blood powers and chooses to deal a non-lethal blow, incapacitating Jack instead of ending him.

What will happen next? What will they do with Jack the prisoner? Did Brian make the right choice? Find out next time…. on Bewbstuck!



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