Jody Rose

Bird's Dancestor.....


Character Name: Jody Rose
Species: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: ???
Class/Aspect: Witch of Doom


This mysterious figure intercepted the Heroes close to their moment of death at the hands of a Dersite Agent. Suspicious and reserved, the Opera Singer is known as such for their constant opera singing during combat.

During a conflict at Dersite-Prospitian peace talks concerning the Spirals, the Opera Singer was revealed to be Jody Rose, who explained her status as Bird’s Dancestor. An impromptu interrogation by the Kids revealed that Jody was the only free member of her session, one which was inexorably linked with the Kids’ Session by way of an event known as the Scratch.

Determined, driven, and not one to stand on ceremony, Jody wields a trusty Alchemized RPG called Czar Bomba and is accompanied by her talking artificially intelligent Mercenary Garbs.

Jody Rose

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