Belligerent Mediary

An Agent of Derse


Medium Carapacian [Humanoid]
Level 5 Lurker [Leader]
(20000 Boondollars)

Speed: 6
Initiative: +10
HP: 70 (Bloodied: 35)
AC: 19
Fortitude: 16
Reflex: 19
Will: 18
Perception: +8, Stealth: +12, Trolling: +10
Mgt 13 Acu 20 Img 14 Plc 16
Vulnerable/Resist: Resist 5 Poison

(Standard action – At-will, Basic attack)
10 vs. AC.
Hit: 1d8
4 damage and if the attack hits an enemy granting combat advantage, the target is knocked prone.

(Minor action – Recharge |1||2|)
Target: One adjacent prone target.
Attack: 8 vs. Fortitude.
Hit: 1d8
4 poison damage and the target may not stand up until the end of the Field Agent’s next turn. This power may not be used on a target already suffering from its hit effect.

(Immediate Interrupt – At-will)
Trigger: The Field Agent is hit by a melee or ranged attack while bloodied.
Effect: The target of the attack is now an adjacent Underling or other ally of the Agent’s choosing.

(Minor action – Encounter)
Effect: A Field Agent may make a Stealth check to hide whenever he has cover from Underlings or other creatures. The effect last until the end of the Field Agent’s next turn.


This Dersite Agent is one of Jack Noir’s handpicked lackeys. She has been sent out on several missions through the planets, notably to track down anomalies that have been appearing with increasing frequency.

After many shenanigans and encounters with the Kids, Belligerent Mediary has turned tail from the Dersite mainstream and has joined their efforts to fight the Spirals and destroy Jack Noir, if only for the selfish reason any Agent of Derse might do so: eventually grabbing power for herself. She’s taken to wearing a stylish hat and calling herself Bells Moxie.

Belligerent Mediary

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