Will's Guardian



Combat Role: Controller
Level: 7
Template: Human


Acrobatics (Acu): 13
Mysteries (Acu): 13
Skaian Lore (Img): 9
Stealth (Acu): 9


Dad is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy with a penchant for shooting things with his Beretta, and shooting photos. In fact, he’s obsessed with photography. His subjects of choice? Hot shirtless dudes. The walls of your house are plastered with your dad’s handiwork. You don’t necessarily mind the dude parade, but it makes having anyone over a total disaster. Not to mention getting woken up every morning by your dad as he snaps a few shots of you sleeping.

He recently got hired on by a new software company, so he’s been traveling a lot while taking photos for new development locations. However, he’s back on vacation just as you’re about to receive your copy of Sburb in the mail…

During the events of the Kids’ Session, Dad was captured and subjected to experimentation by Jack Noir using spirals and the black gas they produce. He was warped in to a bizarre creature with a blaster hand and a massive mollusk shell, who then attacked Will and his friends in the bowels of the Dersite Royal Prison. Dad’s warped form was killed during the fight.


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