A formerly captive Imp turned good



Combat Role: Striker
Level: 3
Template: Underling
Prototyping Template: Elemental Form


Stealth (Acu): 9
Trolling (Plc): 9


From what can be gleaned by its pantomimes, the Imp (given the name Garf due to its habit of saying nothing but the word ‘garf’) is a friendly, if questionably competent individual who was imprisoned by its compatriots for failing to properly guard Melonmold Crypt thanks to a brief moment of narcolepsy. It acts worshipful towards the Heroes, who readily freed it from captivity. It is prototyped with icy powers and is shrouded in ice armor.

In combat, Garf uses its frosty claws to scratch and attack nearby enemies.

Due to the effects of an artifact called the Box of Many Things, Garf has come to loathe Bird and has left the group in order to distance themselves from Bird. Their whereabouts are unknown.


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