A cowardly Turtle warrior



Combat Role: Defender
Level: 3
Template: Consort
Boondollars: 150,000


Nature (Img): 10
Healing (Img): 10
Skaian Lore (Img): 4


Gurpie is a warrior in her Turtle Tribe, and joined the town guard at the behest of her father, who was a renowned fighter. However, Gurpie is quite the coward and much rather would prefer living in the woods, playing with the elk and swimming in the ferrofluid of the Land of Libraries and Entropy. However, she keeps getting dragged back to stand watch against any Underlings that might wander into town.

Gurpie is quite skilled with the axe and shield, although she will often hide in her shell, attempting to poke at enemies from within. However, when courage does possess her, she is proficient in martial combat and attracting attention from nearby foes.


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