Bird's Guardian



Combat Role: Striker
Level: 7
Template: Human


Mysteries (Acu): 13
Perception (Img): 9
Trolling (Plc): 14


Mom… where do you start with Mom. Insane? Insane. Not only does she tote around a powerful RPGkind Strife Specibus, but her obsessions with things like teacups, music boxes, taxidermied animals and other collections have left your house cramped and crowded with knick knacks. You suppose that all those years spent as a mercenary have left her with a few odd habits. The least of which is trying to train you to be a warrior woman, something you don’t have the patience for, even if you do respect her kick-ass attitude.

One of Mom’s old friends hired her to work on one of his major research expeditions. You never took her for someone interested in science, but you suppose having friends in high places grants her to latitude to try out just about any career she wants. Now that you think about it, she should be back from her trip today….

During the events of the Kids’ Session, Mom was captured and subjected to experimentation by Jack Noir using spirals and the black gas they produce. She was warped in to a bizarre creature whose body accommodated a massive cannon supported on raptor-like legs, who then attacked Bird and her friends in the bowels of the Dersite Royal Prison. Mom’s warped form was killed during the fight.


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