Brian's Guardian



Combat Role: Leader
Level: 7
Template: Human


Healing (Img): 10
Nature (Acu): 13
Skaian Lore (Img): 13


For someone as busy as your Mum, she always has found a way to take up a lot of your free time. Every time you look, she’s busy with neighborhood organizations, volunteering, projects, or obsessively tending to her prize-winning garden. Nevertheless, you can’t count the hours lost listening to her lecture you about history and plant biology. You love your mom, but sometimes you just wish you could win a Strife against her and get some space for a day.

Mum’s expertise as a botanist and a historian has gotten her caught up with a scientific organization involved in conducting expeditions on some jungle island. Apparently her expertise with plants and ancient civilizations will help a team of scientists get into some long lost ruins. As long as you have some time apart, you don’t really care.

During the events of the Kids’ Session, Mum was captured and subjected to experimentation by Jack Noir using spirals and the black gas they produce. She was warped in to a bizarre creature shaped like a tremendous centipede covered in sharp spikes, who then attacked the Kids in the bowels of the Dersite Royal Prison. Mum’s warped form was killed during the fight.


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