Elysse's Guardian



Combat Role: Defender
Level: 7
Template: Human


Athletics (Mgt): 13
Chumming (Plc): 14
Perception (Img): 9


Growing up as the daughter of a theater owner left you with a lot of good memories of times gone by with your Pop. He may have been corny and liked some strange music, but he’s always been there for you from the start. Nevertheless, his life before you has always been a bit of a mystery. You keep finding hints of another life… A box of grenades in the closet, the strange devices boxed up in the basement, his inability to tell you anything about your mother… It’s all so odd. In the end, you feel keep feeling like your Pop is covering up a lot of things.

Pop recently took a sudden leave of absence from the theater to go work with the software development company behind Sburb. For what reason, you have no clue. As far as you can tell, he barely knows how to operate a computer. At least you’re getting the Sburb Beta delivered. Speaking of which, that should be arriving today!

During the events of the Kids’ Session, Pop was captured and subjected to experimentation by Jack Noir using spirals and the black gas they produce. He was warped into a bizarre creature with numerous tentacles and a massive triple-jawed mouth, who then attacked Elysse and her friends in the bowels of the Dersite Royal Prison. Pop’s warped form was killed during the fight.


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