A simple robot given a new, far stronger body



Combat Role: Defender
Level: 7
Template: Construct/Robot


Athletics (Mgt): 13
Chumming (Acu): 13


Originally merely a simple helper robot found within the ruins of the Dersite Shipyards, Robut served the Kids and the Veracious Technician, accomplishing tasks around the wreck where the group couldn’t go. However, on a mission to access the local power core, Robut was smashed to bits by an enemy. After having recovered the ‘corpse’ of their mechanical helper, the Kids endeavored to save it.

Its simple minded touched by the kindness of organic beings, and empowered with the body of a massive powered suit, Robut became an ally of the group, serving as a walking wall of metal between them and danger.

In combat, Robut attacks with mighty slamming fists and legs, using its massive size and imposing presence to direct attacks to its steel frame.


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