Veracious Technician

A modest but steadfast Dersite technician....



Combat Role: Leader
Gender: ???
Level: 6
Template: Carapacian


Healing (Img): 12 (Trained)
Mysteries (Acu): 13 (Trained)
Science (Img): 12 (Trained)


Recovered from the wreckage of the crashed Dersite Shipyards, Veracious Technician is an honorable, if somewhat timid worker who prior to the breakup of Derse’s Moon repaired much of the infrastructure throughout the Shipyard. Polite, gentle, and averse to fighting the weak or defenseless, VT offers to join the Kids and help stop the influence of the Satellite on his friends, despite dealing with the headache-inducing influence of the Satellite’s mind-control device.

In combat, VT uses an array of mechanical gizmos and tools to fight, including a close-quarters wrench, an improvised shotgun stuffed with nuts and bolts, canisters of welding fuel, and a humble first aid kit.

Veracious Technician

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