Elysse's Sprite


Elysse’s Kernelsprite was initially prototyped with a figurine of Rock Lee, producing a brash and excitable anime fighter with a heart of gold. However, during an excursion into some caves near her home, Rockleesprite accidentally merged with one of the feral wolves native to the Land of Echoes and Entanglement (LOEAE), producing a wolf-human hybrid named Wolfleesprite. This new creation embodies Rock Lee’s personality, but now tinges it with canine aggressiveness. Instead of offering advice, when questioned about components of the game, Wolfleesprite will excitedly push Elysse to figure it out for herself.

Wolfleesprite attacks with high-powered martial arts strikes for the most part, but at a distance, he will use the fire-singed powers of the wolf to shoot flames at opponents.


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