Chanel Couture

A shape-shifting and intimidating outfit....


Armor Type: Heavy


Wardrobifier 0.5 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Disguising 3 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Skill Bonus 0.5 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)

  • Wardrobifier
    As a free action, you may disguise the appearance of your armor so that it appears to be a different set of clothes or armor of your choice.
  • Disguising
    At will, you may transform your armor, creating a disguise that covers your whole body. You gain a +4 bonus to Trolling when attempting to disguise yourself. The disguise disappears upon close examination or when you attack a target.
  • Skill Bonus
    Gain a +2 item bonus to a Trolling. You may only benefit from the skill bonus of a single item of armor during the course of any individual Strife or Scrutiny, and only while wearing it.

Fashionable Outfit && Wardrobifier

When you want to work your magic on someone, or just plain scare them, Chanel Couture provides that. Using state of the art fibers, this outfit can change appearance, disguise whoever wears it, and provide that needed boost of intimidation.

Chanel Couture

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