Chiral Mirror

A mirror that flips the traits whatever it reflects....



Reverser 3.5 (Trinket Alchemy Power)
Duration: Encounter 2 (Trinket Alchemy Duration)
Standard -1.5 (Trinket Alchemy Activation)
(4 Points)

Standard action – Encounter
Effect: The effects, traits, or abilities of an object or person are reversed temporarily. One aspect of the target is reversed, such as a book for summoning Horrorterrors now summoning Holy creatures, or a Heart player becoming a Mind player and gaining access to a Mind player’s abilities. You must buy a Duration for this trait.


Constructed of a polished bronze plate and wrapped in obsidian, the Chiral Mirror at first glance appears to reverse what is seen in its reflection. Beautiful things become ugly, colors are flipped, and personalities completely change. However, when concentration and willpower are directed into it, it projects a beam of light that temporarily instills those reversals onto real objects, not just reflections.

Chiral Mirror

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