Hammergrip Drill

A combination of drill and hammer....

weapon (melee)

Kind Abstratus: Drillkind
Category: Crushing Meleekind
Range: 1
Precision: +2
Attribute: Mgt or Plc
Damage: 1d10 or 2d8
Auto-Parry: Yes


Shattering 1 (Offensive Alchemy Power)
Warning 0.5 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)
Unbalanced -0.5 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)

  • Warning
    Gain a +2 bonus to Initiative while wielding the weapon.
  • Unbalanced
    When you miss with the weapon, you are immobilized until the end of your next turn.

Standard action – Encounter
Melee- or Ranged-kind
Target: One creature
Attack: Mgt or Plc + your level + weapon precision vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Mgt or Plc modifier+ your level damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to all defenses until the end of their next turn.
Effect: You immediately switch to the weapon this power is attached to upon using this power if you are not already using it.


Hand Drill && Hammer

A combination of hammer and drill, the Hammergrip Drill comes equipped with a spring-loaded drill bit, which fires into targets upon impact, and can be used to pull the user forward (sometimes knocking them over when used incorrectly). Proper impact with this weapon can cause the armor and resolve of a foe to shatter.

Hammergrip Drill

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