Hypergrowth Paintgun

A directed laser beam that adjusts object size....



Minor 0.5 (Trinket Alchemy Activation)
Resizing 5 (Trinket Alchemy Power)
Complicated -2 (Encounter Requirement)
Painting 0.5 (Trinket Alchemy Power)

Minor action – Encounter
Requirement: You must make a successful Science Roll and beat a DC of 20 in order to use this power.
Effect: You may either double or halve the size of one object permanently. When used on organic matter, the effect lasts one minute before the target reverts to its original size. You can paint or color things, up to 2 by 2 squares in size. You can choose your own color scheme, patterns, and other features while painting.


Makeup Set || Fertilizer || Laser Pointer

In a strange combination, this laser device allows for both instant painting of an object in a variety of colors, as well as enlarging or shrinking an objects permanently. Perhaps you could grow your friends and paint them to look like a big, dumb giant?

Hypergrowth Paintgun

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