Mercenary's Garb

A high-tech combat suit with built with an AI....


Armor Type: Light


Insultated 0.5 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Tough 3 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Dodging 3 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Intelligent 2 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Upgrade/Duplicate -0.5 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
(8 Points)

  • Insulated
    Gain Resist 5 against environmental hazards and terrain effects.
  • Tough
    The armor grants an extra +1 bonus to AC.
  • Dodging
    You gain a +2 bonus to all defenses against Blast or Burst attacks.
  • Intelligent
    Your armor now has limited Artificial Intelligence, allowing you to talk to it. It can now provide advice during battles and other intricate situations. The armor now counts as a Non-Player Character outside of its uses as a weapon.
  • Upgrade/Duplicate
    You may receive this trait refund when you build an Armor item that includes at least all of the same traits as a item you have earlier Alchemized. You do not remove the old item from your Sylladex.

Witch-Hunt Suit && Suit of Armor && Computer

Built for the harshest conditions, this armor set incorporates components to protect against difficult environmental conditions and combat scenarios while remaining light and agile. In addition, a computerized unit is included with an AI to provide up-to-date combat feedback.

Mercenary's Garb

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