An ancient Alternian medical weapon....

weapon (ranged)

Kind Abstratus: Bowkind
Category: Light Rangedkind
Range: 5 or 10
Precision: +3
Attribute: Plc or Acu or Img
Damage: 1d12 or 2d8


Fumbling -1 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)
Upgrade/Duplicate -1 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)
Backstabbing 1 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)
Nauseating 1.5 (Offensive Alchemy Power)
Entropic 2.5 (Offensive Alchemy Power)
Hardened Edge 3.5 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)
Rusted -1.5 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)

ALCHEMY BOON – Preview Item
The Upgrade trait now costs -1 instead of -.5.

  • Backstabbing
    Gain a +2 bonus to any damage rolls made with this weapon when attacking targets that grant combat advantage to you.
    If you suffer a Grave Blunder, you drop this weapon.
    You may receive this trait refund when you build a Weapon item that includes at least all of the same traits as a item you have earlier Alchemized. You do not remove the old item from your Sylladex.
    *_Hardened Edge_
    Increase the weapon’s damage die one position up the damage track: 1d6=>1d8 => 1d10 or 2d4 => 1d12 => 2d6 => 2d8 => 2d10 => 2d12 => 3d8 Buying the second cost advances the weapon two positions up the damage track. Note: Randomkind and Finesse Meleekind apply the purchase of this trait to each of their damage values on an individual basis.
    Every time you hit with this weapon, roll a 1d10. If you land a 1, you lose the use of this weapon until the end of the encounter.

Standard action – Encounter
Melee- or Ranged-kind
Target: One creature
Attack: Mgt or Plc or Img + your level + weapon precision vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Mgt or Plc or Img modifier+ your level damage and the target takes Ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends) and can only take move action (save ends).
Effect: You immediately switch to the weapon this power is attached to upon using this power if you are not already using it.


Bowtox && Used Syringe || Rusty Spring

A relic of times long past, the Pinaka was once in the hands of the deadly TOXITROOPERS, a fearsome branch of the Alternian military that carried out biological warfare. Using syringes as arrows and rusted scalpels and springs as a part of a complex pulley system, this bow inflicts biological damage as well as physical damage.


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