Survivor Suit

An armor set designed for survival, not combat...


Armor Type: Light


Insulated 0.5 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Computerized 1 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Reversal 3 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Rebreather 1.5 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Flimsy -1 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)

  • Insulated
    Gain Resist 5 against environmental hazards and terrain effects.
  • Computerized
    Your armor now can be used as a limited computer. You can now use your armor to Communicate, and you can see the same kind of limited information that a small computer would be able to show you.
  • Reversal
    Once per encounter, instead of falling unconscious at 0 HP, you may choose to remain conscious and make a Standard action after each death saving throw. If you manage to successfully hit a target using that Standard action before you die, you return to life with 1 Hit Point and a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
  • Rebreather
    Your armor now allows you to breathe in environments you would normally not be able to, including underwater, in toxic gas clouds, and in total vacuum. Your armor provides you up to 1 hour of breathable air before it must be recharged.
  • Flimsy
    The armor’s AC bonus drops by 1 point.

Survival Backpack && Hunting Outfit && Computer

Designed with utility in mind, the Survivor Suit is fully equipped with devices meant to preserve life in hostile conditions. Complete with protective insulation, an oxygen supply, a built-in resuscitator, and a computerized display with real-time condition data, the suit does nearly everything, besides protect the owner from swords and guns.

Survivor Suit

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