Tag: Elysse


  • The Wolfiter

    _Wolf Fur && Strength Potion || Axe_ A furry would really want this. This axe is covered in thick wolf fur and reddish crystals, and constantly seeks out the blood of its enemies.

  • The Wolfiter II

    1 Extended Reach Your weapon gains Reach 1. This trait can only be used on melee weapons. 1 (1.5) Sanguineous Hit: You gain 4 temporary hit points.

  • Scrubsense

    _Dark Souls Disc && Headband_ Dark, morbid, and utterly extreme, the Scrubsense is a headband with bulky sensors that detects scrubs in the area and allows you to transmit a message telepathically to them, allowing you to tell them to 'git gud'.

  • Astral Projector

    Often shaped like a talisman or holy symbol, the Astral Projector grants the power to project the user's soul into the world, allowing a Hero of Heart to travel freely like a ghost and possess other living beings. Its user can cast their soul out, which …

  • Toxica

    This glittering purple axe appears to be fashioned from the chiton of some massive insect, and bears an obsidian blade that drips black venom and green ichor. When smashed against the ground, it unleashes a torrent of poison that strikes all creatures …

  • Chiral Mirror

    Constructed of a polished bronze plate and wrapped in obsidian, the Chiral Mirror at first glance appears to reverse what is seen in its reflection. Beautiful things become ugly, colors are flipped, and personalities completely change. However, when …

  • Talisman of Wolf Lee

    _The Wolifter II && Necklace_ This talisman is made of gold and engraved with the shining smile of Wolfleesprite. When gripped and raised high in the air, the talisman shines brightly and imbues the owner with combat power.