Tag: Zeerna


  • Bowtox

    _Bow && Jar of Poison_ This wickedly shaped ebony bow automatically coats the tips of any arrows or bolts in comes in contact with in a lingering poison. Archers are recommended to use gloves when using this weapon. Avoid eye contact.

  • Pinaka

    _Bowtox && Used Syringe || Rusty Spring_ A relic of times long past, the Pinaka was once in the hands of the deadly TOXITROOPERS, a fearsome branch of the Alternian military that carried out biological warfare. Using syringes as arrows and rusted …

  • Chanel Couture

    _Fashionable Outfit && Wardrobifier_ When you want to work your magic on someone, or just plain scare them, Chanel Couture provides that. Using state of the art fibers, this outfit can change appearance, disguise whoever wears it, and provide that …

  • Personal Space Maker

    _Personal Space: How to Get It! && Watch_ This bulky device is mounted to a wristband, and when activated it sends a wave of air pressure outwards, pushing away individuals and objects within the user's vicinity.

  • Mindslave

    _Slingshot && Microship || Hypnotism for Dummies_ Equipped on a silent launcher, the Mindslave flings a chip at a target, which rapidly embeds itself into the nervous system. Once situated, the chip briefly assume control of the target's body, causing …

  • Hypergrowth Paintgun

    _Makeup Set || Fertilizer || Laser Pointer_ In a strange combination, this laser device allows for both instant painting of an object in a variety of colors, as well as enlarging or shrinking an objects permanently. Perhaps you could grow your friends …