Tag: trinket


  • Harmony Rod

    _Recorder || Microphone_ This device is a long rod with a microphone on top with red bands and holes along the length of the the microphone. When spoken or sung through, the device inspires feelings of honesty amongst people listening.

  • Maurice-9000

    _Giraffe Puppet || Computer_ A computerized giraffe puppet, loaded with high-powered computers and AI. Maurice-9000 isn't the most intelligent and relies on telekinesis to guide them, but he tells jokes and acts kindly to his friends.

  • Gravity Bomb

    _Star Charts && Grenade || Magnet_ A bomb with the ability to warp gravity around it, the Gravity Bomb's surface reflects starlight across its obsidian surface. When thrown, it can make gravity heavier, lighter, or nonexistent for a few moments.

  • Range Extender

    _Goggles && Kaleidoscope_ When strapped over the face, the Range Extender becomes a sniper's best friend. Allowing clear vision up to two miles away, as well as utilizing night vision technology, these goggles give a tremendous advantage to a patient …

  • Waterfont

    _Canteen && Rubber Hose_ This utility-oriented canteen accumulates and drains water from the air and from nearby water sources, allowing it to produce a constant stream of water. The opening can be manipulated to reduce water flow. Provided there is …

  • Trapper Keeper

    _Bear Trap && Cage_ This rather simple Alchemical combination yields the Trapper Keeper, a powerful tool for catching your foes. When placed down on the ground, it will spring shut around enemies, trapping them in spiky bars.

  • Personal Space Maker

    _Personal Space: How to Get It! && Watch_ This bulky device is mounted to a wristband, and when activated it sends a wave of air pressure outwards, pushing away individuals and objects within the user's vicinity.

  • Mindslave

    _Slingshot && Microship || Hypnotism for Dummies_ Equipped on a silent launcher, the Mindslave flings a chip at a target, which rapidly embeds itself into the nervous system. Once situated, the chip briefly assume control of the target's body, causing …

  • Hypergrowth Paintgun

    _Makeup Set || Fertilizer || Laser Pointer_ In a strange combination, this laser device allows for both instant painting of an object in a variety of colors, as well as enlarging or shrinking an objects permanently. Perhaps you could grow your friends …

  • Scrubsense

    _Dark Souls Disc && Headband_ Dark, morbid, and utterly extreme, the Scrubsense is a headband with bulky sensors that detects scrubs in the area and allows you to transmit a message telepathically to them, allowing you to tell them to 'git gud'.

  • Time Machine

    Often shaped like a musical instrument or apparatus, the Time Machine is a powerful device for timeline management that allows a Hero of Time to control the flow of events around them. Its user can travel backwards and forwards in time within their …

  • Astral Projector

    Often shaped like a talisman or holy symbol, the Astral Projector grants the power to project the user's soul into the world, allowing a Hero of Heart to travel freely like a ghost and possess other living beings. Its user can cast their soul out, which …

  • Chiral Mirror

    Constructed of a polished bronze plate and wrapped in obsidian, the Chiral Mirror at first glance appears to reverse what is seen in its reflection. Beautiful things become ugly, colors are flipped, and personalities completely change. However, when …

  • Piton-Pal Boots

    Alchemized with practicality in mind, the Piton-Pal Boots have built-in pitons and grips to allow for easy ascent while climbing even the smoothest of walls. And if you fall, don't even worry. Built in rocket jets will slow your descent, allowing you to …

  • Diggersby Device

    This belt has the face of a Diggersby right on the belt buckle. When activated, a holographic Diggersby emerges and immediately sets about crafting earth exactly like the user wants before saluting and disappearing.

  • Talisman of Wolf Lee

    _The Wolifter II && Necklace_ This talisman is made of gold and engraved with the shining smile of Wolfleesprite. When gripped and raised high in the air, the talisman shines brightly and imbues the owner with combat power.

  • The Good Stuff

    This blue and white ammo pack loads into most ranged weapons and fires rounds of explosive cryo-energy that freezes and injures enemies across multiple timelines.

  • Mobius Bread

    Loaf Of Bread || Mobius Strip This simple alchemization produces a wheat-based aberration. A seemingly harmless loaf of bread reveals its dark secrets when it is eaten, as the soft insides form a hellscape of yeasty tessaracts, growing and expanding …