Tag: weapon


  • Czar Bomba

    _RPG && Fallout 3 CD || Grenade_ This weapon reaches near the limits of the Cannonkind specibus. Loaded for bear to take on most attackers, every strike yields a small nuclear explosion that devastates targets in a small radius.

  • The Wolfiter

    _Wolf Fur && Strength Potion || Axe_ A furry would really want this. This axe is covered in thick wolf fur and reddish crystals, and constantly seeks out the blood of its enemies.

  • The Deedlit is Done

    _Shovel && Chobits Studded Cosplay Belt_ Despite the tangential relationship to Chobits, this shovel is all business. The length of it is studded with belt straps and the metal is reinforced, making it have more inertia.

  • The Wolfiter II

    1 Extended Reach Your weapon gains Reach 1. This trait can only be used on melee weapons. 1 (1.5) Sanguineous Hit: You gain 4 temporary hit points.

  • Hammergrip Drill

    _Hand Drill && Hammer_ A combination of hammer and drill, the Hammergrip Drill comes equipped with a spring-loaded drill bit, which fires into targets upon impact, and can be used to pull the user forward (sometimes knocking them over when used …

  • Gigabreaker Drill

    _Hammergrip Drill && Buckler || Cookalizer_ A marvel of engineering, the Gigabreaker Drill incorporates a nuclear reactor into an arm-cannon style drill, producing a weapon that ignites foes in fire, shatters through armor, and allows for limited …

  • Headshot Gunbot

    _ Flying Drone && Hunting Rifle_ Upgraded with a targeting computer and propellers, this rifle can be dispatched by its user, allowing for a high-powered, if temporary, mobile turret that can maneuver deftly to attack enemies with a steady stream of …

  • Gauss Giant

    _Hunting Rifle && Electromagnet || Telescope && Computer_ This hulking monstrosity incorporates advanced Troll computers and precision optics into a massive railgun. Requiring a built-in motorized arm to aim it, the Gauss Giant fires ferromagnetic …

  • Bowtox

    _Bow && Jar of Poison_ This wickedly shaped ebony bow automatically coats the tips of any arrows or bolts in comes in contact with in a lingering poison. Archers are recommended to use gloves when using this weapon. Avoid eye contact.

  • Pinaka

    _Bowtox && Used Syringe || Rusty Spring_ A relic of times long past, the Pinaka was once in the hands of the deadly TOXITROOPERS, a fearsome branch of the Alternian military that carried out biological warfare. Using syringes as arrows and rusted …

  • Bloodvalve

    This spear is beveled and ribbed to allow maximum blood flow from the wound down the length of the shaft. Blood flowing across its surface appears to empower it, allowing it to grant strength to its user and deal more damage.

  • Toxica

    This glittering purple axe appears to be fashioned from the chiton of some massive insect, and bears an obsidian blade that drips black venom and green ichor. When smashed against the ground, it unleashes a torrent of poison that strikes all creatures …