Companion Powers

Whenever a new Companion joins the group, they join your travels and your combats. However, managing so many characters becomes difficult and slows down the game. So, as a house rule to manage Companions, the PCs must decide on one Companion to bring with them. Once decided, that Companion provides a special bonus to the party!

Broople, the Salamander: Once per encounter, when you make a roll, you may re-roll and pick the better of the two results.
Sloop, the Iguana: Ranged Weapons and Powers have their Ranges increased by 2 squares.
Garf, the Imp: All enemies within 5 squares of Garf are slowed 1 Square.
Grokberry, the Crocodile: +1 Temp HP every time you end your turn adjacent to Grokberry.
Garby & Rish: +1 Power Bonus to Attack rolls when Flanking with Garby & Rish.
Gurpie, the Turtle: Once per encounter, when one person is subject to an attack targeting their AC, Gurpie can grant a +5 bonus to AC against that attack.
Robut: +2 bonus to Science when working with computers or complex machines.
Veracious Technician: +2 bonus to Mysteries when repairing or fixing machines.

Warped (Template)

Creatures affected by the Black Gas or by prolonged exposure to the Spirals suffer from a rampant mutation that destroys the mind and corrupts the body. These creatures are referred to as Warped. Warped creatures develop in disgusting and unexpected ways, producing giant tentacles, pulsing muscles, enlarged jaws and limbs, and unusual adaptations to their environment.

Warped Creature
Exclusive Template

  • You suffer from some noticeable mutations that hinder your body and leave you weakened to your environment. You take a -2 penalty to Reflex and gain Vulnerable 5 to Necrotic and Poison damage.
  • Your body is thickened and warped in such a way that normal attacks don’t hurt you. You gain an additional 2 HP per level, and a +2 bonus to Fortitude.
  • Your hideously improved limbs and tentacles allow you to do damage from a distance. All melee attacks now have Reach 1.
  • The mutation has rendered your body better adapted to its environment. Roll a 1d6. You gain +4 bonus to either Athletics, Acrobatics, Nature, Perception, Trolling, or Stealth respectively.
  • Whenever you would die, roll a 1d4. On a roll of 4, you instead fall prone and return to half your normal hit points, rounded up.


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