Heart & Soul

The Ninth Session of Bewbstuck

After a brief rest, the Party proceeded deeper into the bowels of Mirrormuse Temple. Vacating the Sacrificial Chamber now littered with the bodies of Warped Prospitians and Dersites, the group descended a flight of stairs into a small chamber with a mirror and several small statues. Above the mirror were the words ‘shout surrender and you’ll end here’. The statues were carved stones depicting a burning cube, a splinter, and a heart. The mirror seemed to reflect the room they were in, but didn’t show the reflections of the statues or the people in the room, nor the door.

After some time puzzling over the mirror and the statues, the group realized that the mirror actually acted as a portal, allowing the group entry into a nine-room maze. Each room had a small stone plinth and a mirror. The plinths had riddles inscribed into each, and each mirror acted as a portal through the walls, portals which could be moved between each wall in the room. The statues needed to be placed on the plinths, although several wrong answers resulted in some serious explosions. Several Warped Carapacians were also trapped inside the maze, resulting in some stealthy attempts to subdue them. Finally, all three statues were placed on their correct plinths and the doors to the next chamber opened up.

The group proceeded down a hallway, where the cries and moans of an injured creature could be heard. They arrived at a fork in the hallway, with a large ornate door to the north. At the end of the western hall, the group found a twisted and halfway Warped Prospitian buried under a cave-in. The pages from the journal piled around the figure, as did the remains of the journal’s cover. A key hung from his neck, which would allow access through the ornate door. Elysse used her Chiral Mirror to return him to his original form temporarily, but in his panicked state, he was unable to give any concrete information about what had happened except that the archaeological team had uncovered pots full of a black liquid, and that the site was covered in spirals the farther down they went. The archaeologist began to turn again, so the group did the difficult but right thing and ended his life before he was completely consumed.

Elysse, Will, Bird and Brian took the key and proceeded into the main chamber, where they were greeted with a busy sight. They had found the treasure chamber, with its tall ceilings, columns of crystal, and a mighty platform where a strange talisman rested. Across the room, a group of Dersite Agents were working a bedraggled group of Prospitians like dogs, forcing them to dig out the wall. Amongst the Dersites were two high-ranking Agents, the Courtyard Droll and the Hegemonic Brute. They quickly noticed the adventurers and attempted to scare them off before succumbing to their fear and trying to dig faster out of the temple. They explained that the Warped were coming and that the cave-ins along the halls were intended to keep them out for as long as possible.

As this was going on, Elysse examined a strange crystalline console with a heart-shaped symbol cut into it. However, as soon as she touched the device, her special Heart armor, given to her by the White Queen, activated and pulled her into the device. In a heartbeat, she was integrated into the machine and lifted above the crystal columns. These columns activated, granting her powerful turrets and the ability to create energy walls. These powers came just in time, as the sounds of the Warped echoed through the halls and vents.

The team proceeded to work with some of the Agents to set up barriers and defenses to prepare themselves for the onslaught. After a few minutes, the Warped began to try to break through the barricaded door, and in moments, dozens of Warped poured through the doors and eventually through the vents. Following them was a massive Warped Dersite Bishop, who pushed through the debris into the ruckus. Combat was intense, and Bird nearly died as the massive group pushed and surrounded her. Elysse worked the walls and turrets, blocking access points and giving the group some breathing room. Brian and Will worked from behind, trying to get ranged attacks in as Bird held the line.

Finally, the massive group of monsters was defeated, and in fearful recognition of their valor, the Dersite group left the treasure they were sent to recover, and made a hasty escape out of the splintered main door. Elysse descended from the machine, and as she made her exit, her body was flooded with an understanding of her Aspect. She became aware of the splintered selves in her, in her many twisting and winding paths, and how they could in turn all converge into one whole being. In this laconic haze, Elysse stepped forward and opened the plinth, unlocking the treasure that the Dersite soldiers had tried valiantly to free from its crystalline case.

The treasure she liberated was the Astral Projector, which allowed her the ability to cast out her spirit and take control of the bodies of others. This would be a power she’d put to good use in time. The group took the Prospitian archaeologists along with them and escaped out of the dungeon. Once out, they rendezvoused with their ship, only to discover terrible news. The Captain had been attacked! A saboteur had arrived on the ship and damaged the engines, as well as the Captain, resulting in the ship being open to attack from an approaching army. The troops were mobilized, and defenses were established around the ship as the enemy drew closer.

The battle was met and an invading force of Dersite Pawns charged forward, eager to shatter the defensive line. However, the Prospitians made quick work of them; the combined might of the entrenched soldiers, along with concentrated cannon fire, dispatched the Dersite army. With scant few survivors retreating, the Prospitians managed to capture the army’s commander, none other than Belligerent Mediary!

However, just before the group could breathe a sigh of relief, Future Will arrived with grave news. He had hidden away Brian’s treasure just in time, but now Jack Noir, Arch-Agent of Derse, was on his way to claim in on the Land of Libraries and Entropy!

What will happen with the Mediary? Will the group be able to regain Brian’s treasure? Who is Jack Noir and what are his plans? Find out next time…. on BEWBSTUCK!



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