Journey's Beginning

The First Session of Bewbstuck

On July 10th, a quartet of teenagers gathered from across America to play a new game titled Sburb. Brian, Elysse, Will, and. Bird began their days like any other, anticipating the arrival of an illustrious pair of discs…

Brian, wary of being cornered into a long lecture by his Mum, made a successful attempt to sneak through the house towards the mailbox. Using his skills, Brian avoided a Strife or a long winded conversation with his Guardian.

Elysse sought to procure her discs from the mail, but found that her Pop had already claimed it. Attempting to diplomatically take posession of her package, she played a CD of Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits. This was to no avail however, resulted in a rather one-sided Strife. However, some successful Chumming managed to convince Pop to instead allow Elysse to do some chores to gain access to the game.

Will took ended up Strifing with his Dad more directly, resulting in Will being completely obliterated by a significantly more powerful adult male. Nevertheless, Will’s show of bravery resulted in his acquisition of his game discs.

Finally, Bird found herself in a high stakes fight with her Mom after failing to gather the discs from thr mailbox. Mom was unforgiving, blowing several craters into the nearby street. However, a well-aimed blow with her shovel left Mom with a concussion and Bird with a barely-won victory.

The group began installing their games, and in sequence connected to each othe, producing pairs of clients and servers. Brian became Elysse’s server, Elysse became Will’s server, Will became Bird’s server, and Bird became Brian’s server. The four set out their machines in (surprisingly neat) order, and began assisting each other in the entry process in order.

Brian was the first to open his Cruxtruder, and under pressure from the mysterious timer, Brian ran around creating his entry item. Almost as an afterthought, Brian prototyped his sprite, tossing an old marionette named Max into the flickering orb. After a hurried process, Brian’s entry item appeared: a beating heart on a podium, surrounded by empty flower pots. After some intense puzzling, Brian stabbed the heart. The blood poured down, watering the flower pots and growing the seeds within. In this way, Brian narrowly escaped a metoer barrelling right towards his house.

In a flash of energy, Brian found himself transported to the Land of Veins and Resonance, a massive dark cityscape covered in blood vessels and crystal lattices. A run in with rival gun-toting puppet gangs caused his house, which was held up on a hovercar, to crash violently into the ground.

A similar instanxe occured to Elysse, who took the experience she had helping Brian to quickly escape into the game. Elysse prototyped her sprite with a figurine of Rock Lee, and then proceeded to create her entry item, a mirror. After a few attempts to affect the mirror, she shattered it, resulting in her Entry.

She was transported to the Land of Echoes and Entanglement, a hellish land of fire and desert, both hemispheres of which mirrored one another. Her house proceedeed to sail across a lava ocean on a metal boat, but problems with the heat caused her house to catch on fire and the boat to accelerate, catapaulting it towards land.

Will moved quickly, attempting to prototype his sprite with a KFC bucket. For some arbitrary reason, the sprite rejected this option, and through a series of contrived coincidences, both a frozen coyote corpse and a frozen guinea pig corspe were thrown into the sprite.

Moving on, Will produced his entry item, which was a ticking timebomb. After managing to diffuse the bomb, Will was transported to the Land of Libraries and Entropy, a forested world covered in libraries, fragmented in time. A ride down a pair of railroad tracks resulted in a devastating crash thar split Will’s house in two.

Last but not least, Bird ran through the entry steps quickly, prototyping her sprite with a figurine of a frog playing billiards. She produced a curious entry item: a bird struggling to open a cage, next to a large padlock. After fiddling with the item for a few moments, she locked the bird inside the cage, activating her Entry.

Bird was whisked away to the Land of Tides and Radiation, a watery planet with tremendous tides and radioactive reefs. Her house, afloat on a boat, braved one of those tremendous tides to land squarely on an island.

After several moments of astonishment and frantic texting, the four kids spent time with their new sprite guides and began exploring their realms.

Brian found himself at the foot of an obsidian skyscraper, which be promptly began exploring. He rapidly solved a mechanical problem with the building’s elevator, allowing him to ascend the building.

Elysse, whilst exploring, fell through a hole in the earth and landed in a wolf den. She madw a perilious escape, and after outwitting the beasts, trapped them by knocking over a barrel of water and catching them in thick mud. Taking pity on ths creatures, she attempted to free them. Rocksprite attempted to help as well, inadvertently prototyping himself with a wolf after trying to pull it out of the muck. Elysse proceeded inside a house where she met a Crocodile named Grokberry, who claimed to be a wizard. With a consort and two wolves in tow, she proceeded further, finding a teleporter with a mysterious destination…

Will traveled from his home, stumbling upon a library. His explorations revealed a set of of rooms locked by doors that required answers to complex riddles. He conquered three doors, each with questions concerning time. Finally, he found himself in a chamber with q holographic representation of the Medium, with a poem testing his wits. The poem asked him to make a choice concerning death, concerning his friends and the paths laid before them. After choosing, he entered a teleporter room, leading somewhere unknown…

Bird found herself traveling through a reef, uncovering a mysterious stone building. Entering the building, she found herself trapped in a maze. By using pumps to flood and drain the maze, she was able to navigate climb ladders that were just out of reach. Those chambers contained crystal keys which she used after escaping the maze to unlock a teleporter of her own…

What will happen to our Heroes next time? Tune in again and find out!



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