Murder at the Peace Talks

The Fifth Session of Bewbstuck

Arriving at the Land of Veins and Resonance, the group prepared for a set of peace talks aimed at providing both Prospit and Derse with time to investigate a growing problem: the appearance of strange spirals across the Medium.

Arriving at the Promenade, the group was introduced to members of both delegations. From Prospit, they met the Wearied Consulate, the Defensive Overseer, the Inferno Extinguisher, and the Legislation Interpreter. From Derse, they met the Draconian Dignitary, the Fawning Coadjutor, the Tome Coordinator, and the Wound Healer.

After introductions, the group set about engaging in afternoon talks. Both sides argued and spoke harshly against the other, but set about agreeing on sending a team of scientists with a smaller proportion from Prospit, alongside the Heroes, who would serve as guards. Talks were adjourned, and after a rest period and a lengthy dress-up session, the Heroes were prepared for the Promenade.

While there, they met many varied characters from both Prospit and Derse, who had been invited to join the festivities. Of note were the Adversarial Draughstman, the Esurient Dilletante, and the Mendacious Tapper.

Partway through the festivities, a scream shook out through the building. the Wearied Consulate, leader of the Prospitian delegation, was found dead in the smoking parlor! Enlisted to determine the identity of the murderer, the Heroes interrogated the partygoers for information. Will managed through time shenanigans to track down the Dilletante and the Tapper, who were not the murderers but who were working to steal treasure from the building. The group also confronted the Belligerant Mediary, who had been assigned as chief of security for the event. Several others were interviewed, including the suspicious Draconian Dignitary, but eventually all clues pointed to the Draughstman, who had killed the Consulate in order to stop the talks since he believed they were a ruse to allow the Dersites to build up their forces for a siege.

However, before the Draughstman could reveal who had actually set him up with the means to kill the Consulate, he was blown apart by an explosion. Up in the rafters, a mysterious figure emerged… it was the Opera Singer!

What will happen to the talks? What does the Singer want? Why was the murderer destroyed? Tune in next time for more Bewbstuck!



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