The Quest of Mirrormuse Temple

The Eighth Session of Bewbstuck

Will and Elysse, their dreamselves awakened on the surface of Derse and completely clueless about the near arrival of a Prospitian vessel on LOTAR, set out to travel to the Shipyards on the main bulk of Derse, where they would steal a ship to help their friends.

Disguising themselves as advanced dersite Power Robots, the pair proceeded to convince all the guards they met along the way that they were high-ranking Dersites on the way to the Shipyards where they would hitch a ride to the Battlefield. However, when they arrived at the Shipyard gates, a wiseguy guard recognized their phony disguise and determined that Elysse and Will were underneath. However, some strong deception on Elysse’s part convinced the guard that they were actually doubly disguised, appearing like the Heroes so that they could trick the Prospitians into not attacking them. Requisitioning a Dersite Fighter, the pair proceeded to fly to LOTAR

Meanwhile, Bird and Brian watched the arrival of the PSS Pea Shooter, a massive Prospitian Destroyer that had been dispatched by the White Queen to replace their smaller and much more damaged prior vessel. Met by the Brusque Captain, the pair embarked on the ship and were show to quarters, along with the sleeping bodies of their comrades.

It was at this point that Dream Elysse and Dream Will rocketed towards the Pea Shooter in a Derse ship. A tense situation followed, as the captain attempted to destroy the hostile fighter before being informed that the Dreamselves of the two sleeping comrades was on that ship. They welcomed the two onboard, and Elysse and Will soon confronted themselves in an entirely awkward and highly stupid moment.

After these shenanigans, the Captain gave a tour of ship, detailing the troops and supplies spared to the group, while not sparing the Heroes his distaste that they were on his ship. He blamed the group for the blockade and increased Dersite hostility due to their involvement at the recent peace talks.

It was during this time that the group received a distress call. A Prospitian archaeological team on the Land of Echoes and Entanglement was under attack, although the attackers were unknown thanks to the choppy signal. Electing to enter the site, the ship set sail for LOEAE.

Arriving on the planet, the group disembarked near a Crocodile Village, where they were directed to Mirrormuse Temple. Whilst they were taking in the local life, Bird was approached by a mysterious Salamander. This salamander identified itself as Broople, and claimed to be a mystic with knowledge of the future. Broople accompanied the team as they approached the Temple.

Entering the Temple, they found the rooms littered with blood, trash, and a vile black substance. The substance was quickly identified as toxic. Among the trash were shreds of a journal, which granted some insight into the mission of the archaeological team, which was seeking entrance into the Temple where they could secure a rare treasure for the Player of Heart.

Descending into the depths of the Temple, the party confronted a hallway lined with lava, its walkway covered in pressure plates. The team worked across the hallway, attempting to disable or detect which pressure plates were connected to traps, eventually making it across with only a few injuries.

Then, entering the nave, the team witnessed the first signs of life. Bodies, both Prospitian and Dersite, littered the floor. This included on body that exhibited horrifying signs of deformation. There was also the presence of many small spirals growing in the room. The group explored more, entering some side rooms where they fooled a mirror spirit into giving up a great deal of illusory treasure, making it real in the process.

Proceeding further in, the team met a creature in the center of a sacrificial chamber. It was a Prospitian, horribly warped and twisted. Using a treasure called the Chiral Mirror which had been recovered in one of the side rooms, Elysse was able to reverse the warping temporarily. The Prospitian was traumatized and unable to answer much about what had happened. The Prospitian soon warped back and alerted other warped beings, which burst forth from the walls and vents. The team battled valiantly, tearing apart the ferocious and powerful creatures. Soaked in blood and severely injured, the group elected to take a rest before pressing on.

What are these strange warped creatures? What are the Dersites doing attacking the Temple? What will the group find deeper in the dungeon? Find out next time, on…. BEWBSTUCK!



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