Lizees Coapal

Seer of Breath



Class/Aspect: Seer of Breath
Level: 7
Boondollars: 650,000
Template(s): Troll, Telepathic
Concatenation Oath: Meddling Fussyfangs
Epic Boon: None


Mangrit (MGT): 6 (-2)
Acumen (ACU): 18 (4)
Imagination (IMG): 18 (
Pulchritude (PLC): 14 (+2)


Max HP: 44 (Bloodied: 22)
HP/Level: +4
AC: 24
Fortitude: 16
Reflex: 21
Will: 20
Resistances: Resist 2, Vulnerable 7 (To attacks targeting Will)
Initiative: +14
Speed: 6


Acrobatics (Acu): 15 (Trained)
Athletics (Mgt): 5
Chumming (Plc): 14 (Trained), (Telepathic)
Healing (Img): 11
Insight (Plc): 15 (Trained), (Telepathic)
Mysteries (Acu): 11
Nature (Acu): 11
Perception (Img): 11
Science (Img): 11
Skaian Lore (Img): 11
Stealth (Acu): 11
Trolling (Plc): 9


Weapon: Miserycords
Kind Abstratus: 2xKnifekind
Category: Finesse Meleekind
Range: 1
Precision: +3
Attribute: Acu or Img
Damage: 2d4/2d6
Auto-Parry: No


Sting of Sight – The attack deals 1d8 extra damage and the target loses its next Move action. (Grave Blunder: You take 1d10 damage and lose your next Move action.)
Leap of Fury – The attack deals 1d10 extra damage, and you can fly your speed as a free action. You do not trigger Opportunity Attacks for the first square you leave during this movement. (Grave Blunder: You take 1d10 damage, are slid 2 spaces by the target, and fall prone.)


See Right Through You: Gain a +4 bonus to Insight Checks
Mental Fortress: Gain a +2 bonus to your Will
Piercing Intellect: Whenever you make a successful attack roll against an enemy, you may grant a -1 penalty to that enemy’s attack rolls against you, which may stack up to a maximum penalty of -3. The penalty disappears at the end of the encounter.
Leaf on the Wind: Gain a +4 bonus to Acrobatics
Breath’s Guidance: You never take falling damage, regardless of distance. You may still end up prone on a failed Acrobatics check.
Unfettered: Whenever you are slowed or immobilized by an attack or effect, you may make an immediate Saving throw. If you pass the Saving throw you are no longer affected by the slow or immobilize condition, though any other effects still apply.
The Village Bicycle: Once per encounter, you may prevent your designated ally from taking damage resulting from a Grave Blunder.
Lets Work Together!: Any time you are flanking with your designated ally, the target takes additional damage equal to your level per hit.
And No One Understands: Take an additional -1 to all numeric debuffs.


Standard action – At-Will
Melee- or Ranged-kind
Target: One creature
Attack: Mgt/Acu/Plc/Img + your level + weapon precision vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Mgt/Acu/Plc/Img modfier+ your level damage.
Special: The ability score used for attack and damage is determined by the Kind Abstratus in use.

Move action – At-will
Close Burst 2
Target: Three creatures in Burst
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, all targets take a -2 to all defenses and all attack rolls.

Standard action – At-will
Close Blast 3
Target: All creatures in Blast
Attack: Img/Acu + your level vs. Will
Hit: 1[W] + Img/Acu modifier damage. If the target is subject to a Brutal Affront during this round or the next round, the target is immobilized (save ends).
Special: If you confirmed a Brutal Affront using this power, all targets lose their next Standard action.

Immediate Interrupt – Encounter
Trigger: You or an ally fails a skill or attack roll.
Effect: You may immediately add a +2 power bonus to the triggering roll. If the roll still does not succeed, the target gains Resist 5 until the start of their next turn.

Standard action – Encounter
Ranged or Melee-kind
Target: Three creatures in range
Attack: Img/Acu + your level + weapon precision vs. Reflex
Hit: 2[W] + Img/Acu modifier + twice your level damage, and all squares adjacent to and occupied by the target become Difficult terrain for enemies for the rest of the encounter.

Immediate Reaction – Recharge
Trigger: You are hit by an enemy’s attack.
Effect: You may immediately fly 4 squares, avoiding opportunity attacks during this movement. On your next turn you may take an additional Standard action and have a Fly speed of 6 for that next turn. If you already have a Fly speed, add a speed of 6 to your current Fly speed on your next turn.


Fetch Modus: Game Modus

Strife Deck

Pair of Knives (Starting Weapon)

Armor Tab

Light Clothes (Starting Armor)

Trinket Tab


Common Tab




Miscellaneous Items



TELEPATHIC – Psychometry (Common Template)

  • Because of your heightened mental sensitivity, you take a -1 penalty to Will. You also have Vulnerability equal to your level to attacks that target Will, which overrides any Resistances you may have.
  • You gain a +1 bonus to Insight and your choice of either Chumming or Trolling.
  • While you are conscious, you can attempt to an Insight roll while holding on to an object to determine that object’s history, including its previous locations, owners, and condition. The DM sets the DC for the object. You must be attempting to determine specific information about the object; any attempt to determine a broad history of the object automatically fails.
  • If you wish you may exchange one of your Class’s starting Aggrievements with Psyche Lance. If your character has chosen to completely ignore a standard Strife Deck in favor of telepathic attacks solely, you could represent this through a representative Kind Abstratus such as Light Rangedkind or something similar. Otherwise you may use this power alongside any other Abstratus of your choice to represent more of a ‘dabbling’ in mental powers.

Chumhandle: flushedHolograms
Species: Troll
Age: 8.5 sweeps
Gender: Male
Location: Land of Blooms and Auroras
Moon: Prospit
Powers: Psychometry

Lizees recently died under mysterious circumstances. And by mysterious, we mean he took a knife to the chest. And so did his Dream Self. The investigation is still ongoing, but leads are few.

Lizees Coapal

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