Astral Projector

A talisman that projects the user's spirit....


Minor (Trinket Activation Trait) – .5
Collectible (Trinket Power Trait) – .5
Spirit Projection (Trinket Power Trait) – 5

Minor Action – Encounter
Effect: You may project your spirit either a short distance (100 ft.) or into a living being that can support it. While outside of your body, you are Invisible and Insubstantial, your body is considered Unconscious, and you may not interact with any matter. While inside of a body, you may make an Insight, Chumming, or Trolling check against the target’s Will Save to attempt to possess the body. While possessing a body, you must make a roll against the target’s Will Save every 5 minutes in order to maintain control and not be forced out of the body. This ability may be used as often as you like while outside of Combat Encounters. This Trait may have additional story implications. This Trait must be purchased with a Collectible trait attached to it.


Often shaped like a talisman or holy symbol, the Astral Projector grants the power to project the user’s soul into the world, allowing a Hero of Heart to travel freely like a ghost and possess other living beings. Its user can cast their soul out, which moves through physical objects freely and is invisible. Even so, the Astral Projector has its limits; the wearer’s soul can only travel so far away from their host body, and must fight the mind of the person they possess constantly to maintain control.

Astral Projector

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