Bouncy Castle Cloak

A garishly-colored inflatable cloak....


Armor Type: Light


Rubber Bonding 1 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Bouncy 3 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Flimsy -1 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
(3 Points)

  • Rubber Bonding (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
    When ever you push or slide a marked target, you may shift up to 2 squares towards them.
  • Bouncy (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
    When an opponent misses an against attack you, you may shift 1 square. Shifting does not count as part of your movement speed. This also includes attacks of opportunity. (Light or Medium only)
  • Flimsy -1 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
    The armor’s AC bonus drops by 1 point.

Tiny Swords Circus Trinket && Costume Cape

This large and soft cloak is decorated in primary colors and patches in the shape of different carnival foods. When activated, the cloak inflates in a heartbeat, turning the garment into a portable bounce house, knocking enemies to and fro.

Bouncy Castle Cloak

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