Diggersby Device

A belt that rapidly shapes earth....



Free 2.5 (Trinket Alchemy Activation)
Landscaping 1.5 (Trinket Alchemy Power)
(4 Points)

Free Action – Encounter
Effect: Manipulate the terrain within 5 squares of you. You can create a wall or ditch that is three squares long, a tower 3 squares tall, a set of stairs at least 10 feet tall, or another structural feature at your GM’s discretion. The manipulated terrain lasts until the end of the encounter or ten minutes when used outside of an encounter.


This belt has the face of a Diggersby right on the belt buckle. When activated, a holographic Diggersby emerges and immediately sets about crafting earth exactly like the user wants before saluting and disappearing.

Diggersby Device

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