Gravity Bomb

A glittering obsidian bomb that warps gravity....

weapon (ranged)


Standard -1.5 (Trinket Alchemy Activation)
Duration: Long 1 (Trinket Alchemy Duration)
Area Attack 2 (Trinket Alchemy Power)
Gravitational 3 (Trinket Alchemy Power)
Complicated -1.5 (Encounter Requirement)

Standard action – Encounter
Area Burst 2 (Ranged 10)
Requirement: You must beat a DC 15 Science check or this power fails
Attack: Level + 6 vs Reflex.
Hit: Gravity is altered in an Area Burst 2. You may choose to invert gravity, create an area with no gravity, heavy gravity, or light gravity. The effect lasts until the end of your next turn, with any falling damage occurring normally.


Star Charts && Grenade || Magnet

A bomb with the ability to warp gravity around it, the Gravity Bomb’s surface reflects starlight across its obsidian surface. When thrown, it can make gravity heavier, lighter, or nonexistent for a few moments.

Gravity Bomb

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