Headshot Gunbot

A bulky rifle that can be used as an autonomous turret....

weapon (ranged)

Kind Abstratus: Riflekind
Category: Heavy Rangedkind
Range: 10 or 15
Precision: +2
Attribute: Mgt or Acu or Img
Damage: 1d10 or 2d8


Inescapable 1.5 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)
Unbalanced -0.5 (Offensive Alchemy Collectible)
Dancing 2 (Offensive Alchemy Power)

  • Inescapable
    Deals 2 damage on a miss, unless the attack already has a miss effect. This effect cannot kill minions.
  • Unbalanced
    When you miss with the weapon, you are immobilized until the end of your next turn.

Standard action – Encounter
Melee- or Ranged-kind
Target: One creature
Attack: Mgt or Plc or Img + your level + weapon precision vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Mgt or Plc or Img modifier+ your level damage
Effect: You immediately switch to the weapon this power is attached to upon using this power if you are not already using it. This weapon wields itself on your next turn, allowing this weapon to attack as a separate entity while you attack with a different weapon. You cannot use this weapon again until the end of your next turn.


_ Flying Drone && Hunting Rifle_

Upgraded with a targeting computer and propellers, this rifle can be dispatched by its user, allowing for a high-powered, if temporary, mobile turret that can maneuver deftly to attack enemies with a steady stream of explosive rounds.

Headshot Gunbot

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