Riotgrrrl Shield

A wide and tall shield emblazoned with punk iconography...


Armor Type: Heavy


Shield 0.5 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Tower Shield 2 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
Insulated 0.5 (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)

  • Shield (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
    This article is not clothing, but rather a Shield or Parrying item that you can wield in an off-hand whenever you are in a One-handed Kind Abstratus. When held in one hand it grants the Collectible effects even when you wear another Collectible defensive item. Choose either Heavy, Medium, or Light: this item counts as that type of armor for the purposes of what other traits you may purchase for it.
  • Tower Shield (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
    Your Shield is widened and elongated, allowing you to hide behind it like a barrier. At will, you may gain Superior Cover against melee and ranged attacks, although Bursts and Blasts will hit you normally. While using your Shield this way, you take a -2 penalty to attack rolls, and you may only shift while using the effects of your shield; if you move normally, you lose Superior Cover until the start of your next turn. {You may apply this trait to Medium or Heavy Armor only. You may only apply this Trait to an Armor item with Shield.}
  • Insulated (Defensive Alchemy Collectible)
    You gain Resist 5 against environmental hazards and terrain effects while wearing this Armor.

This tall Kevlar shield is designed to protect the whole body from direct impacts. The exterior is covered with feminist punk iconography and imbued with the energy of third-wave feminism. While the shield itself is heavy and restricts the movement of its user, it can almost completely block all melee and ranged attacks.

Riotgrrrl Shield

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