Time Machine

A musical instrument that controls times....

musical instrument


Minor (Trinket Activation Trait)
Collectible (Trinket Power Trait)
Time Travel (Trinket Power Trait)
(6 Points)

Minor Action – Encounter
Effect: You may choose to travel through time to any point in the history of the dimension you are currently occupying. This ability may be used as often as you like while outside of Combat Encounters. This Trait may have additional story implications. This Trait must be purchased with a Collectible trait attached to it.


Often shaped like a musical instrument or apparatus, the Time Machine is a powerful device for timeline management that allows a Hero of Time to control the flow of events around them. Its user can travel backwards and forwards in time within their current dimension, and may affect events across the timeline. However, the Time Machine is not a toy; stable time loops have to be completed, and fussing with the timeline in incorrect ways can result in offshoot timelines, failed Sessions, and dead yous.

Time Machine

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