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  • The Deedlit is Done

    _Shovel && Chobits Studded Cosplay Belt_ Despite the tangential relationship to Chobits, this shovel is all business. The length of it is studded with belt straps and the metal is reinforced, making it have more inertia.

  • Retribution Suit

    _??? && ???_ This outfit incorporates the slim fit of a well-tailored outfit with explosive charges that detonate upon any damage, targeting enemies with high-powered light and heat from detonating packs along the shoulders.

  • Piton-Pal Boots

    Alchemized with practicality in mind, the Piton-Pal Boots have built-in pitons and grips to allow for easy ascent while climbing even the smoothest of walls. And if you fall, don't even worry. Built in rocket jets will slow your descent, allowing you to …

  • Riotgrrrl Shield

    This tall Kevlar shield is designed to protect the whole body from direct impacts. The exterior is covered with feminist punk iconography and imbued with the energy of third-wave feminism. While the shield itself is heavy and restricts the movement of its …

  • Mobius Bread

    Loaf Of Bread || Mobius Strip This simple alchemization produces a wheat-based aberration. A seemingly harmless loaf of bread reveals its dark secrets when it is eaten, as the soft insides form a hellscape of yeasty tessaracts, growing and expanding …