Tag: Brian


  • Harmony Rod

    _Recorder || Microphone_ This device is a long rod with a microphone on top with red bands and holes along the length of the the microphone. When spoken or sung through, the device inspires feelings of honesty amongst people listening.

  • Maurice-9000

    _Giraffe Puppet || Computer_ A computerized giraffe puppet, loaded with high-powered computers and AI. Maurice-9000 isn't the most intelligent and relies on telekinesis to guide them, but he tells jokes and acts kindly to his friends.

  • Bouncy Castle Cloak

    _Tiny Swords Circus Trinket && Costume Cape_ This large and soft cloak is decorated in primary colors and patches in the shape of different carnival foods. When activated, the cloak inflates in a heartbeat, turning the garment into a portable bounce …