Tag: Will


  • The Magniglow

    _Magnifying Glass && Glowsticks_ This pair of glowsticks has the appearance of a flashlight, but with several dials along the length of it, to amplify the natural light of the the weapon as well as to provide an improvement to the user's sight.

  • Hacker's Garb

    _Shadowrun 4e Handbook && Duster_ Laced with glowing green circuitry, this black coat jacks into your system and hacks your brain's mainframe, granting you improved technical skills. And when some scrub who can't even run Microsoft Office without …

  • Time Machine

    Often shaped like a musical instrument or apparatus, the Time Machine is a powerful device for timeline management that allows a Hero of Time to control the flow of events around them. Its user can travel backwards and forwards in time within their …

  • Bloodvalve

    This spear is beveled and ribbed to allow maximum blood flow from the wound down the length of the shaft. Blood flowing across its surface appears to empower it, allowing it to grant strength to its user and deal more damage.

  • Diggersby Device

    This belt has the face of a Diggersby right on the belt buckle. When activated, a holographic Diggersby emerges and immediately sets about crafting earth exactly like the user wants before saluting and disappearing.

  • The Good Stuff

    This blue and white ammo pack loads into most ranged weapons and fires rounds of explosive cryo-energy that freezes and injures enemies across multiple timelines.