Land of Blizzards and Rot (LOBAR)


Zeerna Nergal’s Land

Under a ruddy orange sky and oppressive grey clouds, one can see the snowy yellow surface of the Land of Blizzards and Rot. The realm is mountainous, with haughty peaks reaching high into the air, divided by valleys occupied by frozen rivers and lakes. The rock and earth is a striking golden yellow, but that brightness is often covered by the constant snowfall that produces snowdrifts and glaciers across the land. The wind smells of a graveyard, and a brief examination reveals why; rot and decay rule this place. The land is dotted with outcroppings of bone, rotting flesh, and diseased corpse mounds. Atop each mighty mountain lies a necropolis, where the remains of many creatures now lie. It is a quiet place, and whenever noise does show its face, avalanches are sure to follow. The only lives remaining are the billygoats. The Turtles once ruled these mountaintops.

The snow and decay inherent to the Land of Blizzards and Rot was not always so. Long ago, the planet was brighter and warmer, with flourishing life across its surface. It was once home to countless animals, and even a species of giant thrived here. But upon the Denizen’s arrival, the snows began to fall and the creatures began dying by the thousands. The giants worked tirelessly to honor the dead, building shrines to the countless corpses, but soon, those giants fell and became symbols of decay themselves.

Land of Blizzards and Rot (LOBAR)

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