Land of Blooms and Auroras (LOBAA)


Lizees Coapal’s Land

The Land of Blooms and Auroras is a claustrophobic planet shrouded in a thick pink sky and dark black clouds made up of pollen. Bright auroras shine throughout the air, brightening the hilly terrain below. The land is choked by countless flowers, from the small bunches to massive building sized blooms. Most of the flowers are pink, and are intermixed with many other colors. The clouds above are formed from the flower pollen, and thanks to a great deal of friction, they ignite in massive thunderstorms and form the auroras above, which last for many weeks before going out. The only creatures capable of surviving through the dense growths are the brontosaurus, who stomp through the mess and feast on the flowers. Small, low cities can be found in the underbrush, completely overgrown and uninhabitable by the plants. The Salamanders once inhabited these cities.

While the beauty of the flowers is apparent, their constant growth chokes out all other life and makes activity next to impossible on the surface of the Land of Blooms and Auroras. But not long ago, the earth was clear of all of the flowers and navigating was far easier and less costly. When the Denizen arrived, pollen clogged the air and flowers grew wherever there was soil, choking out the other animals and plants, and sapping all of the water. Now, the brontosaurus are the only animals big enough and hardy enough to survive on the surface indefinitely, eating the flowers and roaming where they will.

Land of Blooms and Auroras (LOBAA)

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