Land of Pastures and Beasts (LOPAB)


Ourani Donpak’s Land

Blanketed by a welcoming blue sky and puffy white clouds, the brightly land Land of Pastures and Beasts is an Arcadian wonderland, replete with seas of prairie, fields of flowers, wide savannas and shallow streams. The realm is abound in grasses, flowers and shrubs, as well as many fruits and vegetables. Thriving off of this bounty are the many beasts that call this place home, from the countless herd beasts to the great and powerful predators that stalk them. Countless species can be found living peacefully, following their place in the chain of life. Littering the spaces between are ancient ruins, fashioned of white marble, full of columns and acropolises. Drifting among these wrecks of ancient life are the spectres of philosophers, quietly mumbling their wisdom and seeking out intelligent life to have spirited debates with. Blue fields of flowers present dangers to life, as when living things enter them, they cause electric shocks to discharge between the plants, before they emit their static spores. These clouds go on to spark electrical storms many miles downwind. However, the greater danger is in the constant earthquakes that shatter the earth and split it into deep and desolate canyons, where many bestial corpses can be found. The Crocodiles once roamed these lands, travelling in hunting tribes before the earthquakes came.

The plains of the Land of Pastures and Beasts were once solid and quiet, but in more recent times have been subject to the whims of its Denizen, who has brought massive earthquakes to bear on the earth. Now, the ground splits apart and forms inhospitable canyons, opening up below the herds and bringing them crashing down.

Land of Pastures and Beasts (LOPAB)

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