Land of Wastes and Frogs (LOWAF)


Sairee Lagren’s Land

The Land of Wastes and Frogs is a dark planet shrouded by a deep obsidian sky and thick black clouds. Standing from the surface, the sky above would appear to be glittering with stars. Much of the land is covered by vast grey-brown deserts, constantly swept by strong winds the cut through the cliffs and plateaus dotting through the dunes. While in general the wind is merely quite strong, many times sandstorms and cutting wind can crop up, sometimes reaching speeds strong enough to coalesce into slashing air that can cut bodies in two. Dotted between the dunes can be found wide, deep pools of water, each pool glowing bright blue with luminescent snakes and anemones. These wide deserts are divided by ancient riverbeds that are home to towering jungles. These forests are swampy and noxious, kept toxic by the mushrooms that occupy the ground and spray their gases constantly. Exploring the branches, one would find countless amber crystals, many housing frogs of all shapes and sizes, some still hanging from their trees and some fallen into long-abandoned temples hidden away by the foliage. The Iguanas once called this land their home, travelling the realm as nomads in their mechanically-powered caravans.

The deserts of the Land of Wastes and Frogs were once wide grasslands and seas teeming with massive populations of frogs and the insects they would eat. But, when the Denizen arrived, she whipped up the wind around the planet, using its biting force to cut apart the trees and push away the water until it occupied mere pockets of space. With no room to survive, the frogs were forced into the trees, and it was there that the sap pouring from their trunks trapped the frogs inside.

Land of Wastes and Frogs (LOWAF)

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